I'm Laura, and live in Barrie with my teenage son and our two giant dogs. Professionally, I'm a research psychologist, working it the area of youth addiction and mental health treatment. I find interest in anything from gardening to motorcycling, but my crocheting projects are like magnets to me. I look forward to some kind of creating every day.

I grew up in a rural area with only a few close-ish neighbors, one of whom was an elderly British lady who lived alone. Sometime before I was 10, Mrs. Lowry taught me using lacy cotton - a VERY small yarn. This means that my projects took a long time!

Like a lot of childhood occupations, crochet kind of came and went, and when I picked it up again in my late 40's I was totally hooked - literally! I love thinking of what I want to make next, how to create something new, or how to improve my skills.

And yes, I LOVE buying yarn.