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The 'Counting Sheep' Crochet Blanket with Patchwork on Reverse

The 'Counting Sheep' Crochet Blanket with Patchwork on Reverse

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TOP FIVE reasons you'll LOVE this blanket:

1. Two blankets in one! Crochet sheep on one side, patchwork fabric on the other.

2. Absolutely one-of-a-kind

3. Squishy soft & cozily heavy.

4. Versatile - perfect baby or shower gift or just a fun piece for home décor.

5. Machine wash & dry (gentle)


This 'Counting Sheep' White & Gray super unique blanket is crochet design on one side and patchwork on the reverse. I have never seen this type of work, and you can be confident that it will make for a very unique addition to your home or a true one-of-a-kind gift. The double-sided blanket offers décor options, plenty of visual interest, and some seriously cozy and heavy warmth!

I crochet each square, including an edge stitch that allows every square on each side to be separated by an elevated stitch. I then select a fabric based on my on whim or on your personalization request and rustic sew it on the back of the crochet square. Don't expect perfect quilt stitching - it's purposefully rustic and often slightly crooked.

This project was made with 100% Acrylic and machine wash on warm, gentle cycle then tumble dry on low. It's great for everyday use or to use for display.

I can work with any personalization request - the theme of the fabrics on the back can be anything you like: jungle animals, dinosaurs, farm life, flowers, or a color theme, which come out beautifully. 

Please allow 3 weeks for me to create the blanket and get it en route to you.

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